Sample Pages
[ New Words ]
There are two Learn the words sections per day. Each section features ten words. For each word, students see an interesting photograph and read a sample sentence to go along with that photograph. There is also an additional collocation provided for each word. This additional lexical information is useful for memory retention and fluency. These pages also provide parts of speech and pronunciation guides. Teachers should begin by pronouncing each word and encouraging students to practice their pronunciation. Then teachers may choose to read the sample sentences aloud or have students take turns reading the sentences. Talk about the photographs while doing this.
[ Practice Exercises ]
Practice Exercises 1 & 2 focus on the ten new vocabulary words from the previous page. The activities featured on these pages test the students’ recollection of meaning, ability to use the word in the correct context, and ability to interpret an image and match it to a relevant description. Through the use of photographs and sentences, students see the words in multiple contexts. This helps students broaden their understanding of each word and makes it easier for them to use the new words themselves. The Practice Exercises pages end with a check of the students ability to translate the words into and from their first language. Students can complete these activities on their own or in small groups.
[ Review Units ]
After every five days, students are presented with a four-page review unit which provides extensive practice and review of the words from the previous five units. Students solidify their new knowledge as they encounter these words in a variety of new contexts. Students can complete these units at home, as homework, or in class, either alone or with a partner.
[ Appendix and Index ]
At the end of each book, students will find a list of useful English prefixes and suffixes. An understanding of the meaning of prefixes and suffixes will assist students when they encounter new words. Each book in the series also features an index of all the words introduced in each day’s lesson.