Sample Pages
[ Listen ]
This page introduces students to the unit topic with a variety of interactive activities. It also gets students to begin thinking about what they will say in their own presentations.
[ Language Practice ]
The first half of the page begins with a two-person language activity that introduces key vocabulary/terms and sentence structures. The second half of the page ends with personalized questions that encourage students to talk about their own ideas or opinions. Within the first two pages of each lesson, students are exposed to several topic/content ideas in preparation for their own speeches.
[ Speaking Tips and Expressions ]
To improve their delivery, students are given three tips to practice while preparing for or giving their speeches. Students are also exposed to additional expressions and sentence structures that help to provide a framework for their own speeches.
[ Interview ]
Here students are given quick speaking activities featuring key language to get them comfortable speaking in pairs before giving their presentations in front of the whole class.
[ Presentation ]
Students watch a model presentation given by a real student in a classroom. This allows students to learn from a peer and feel confident when giving their own presentations. First, students watch and listen for key words. After that, they complete the script or ote-taking activity which provides a framework for their own presentations.
[ Write ]
Students finalize their topic choice and brainstorm about their own speeches. Next, a guided framework allows students to consolidate those ideas into a speech featuring an introduction, body, and conclusion.
[ Present ]
At the end of the unit, students will be ready to make their own visuals and give their presentations in front of their peers.