Each unit in the Smart Listeners series practices aural comprehension of three listening samples over 150 words in length. Target expressions used in the samples are presented first in the unit to facilitate comprehension while listening. Each listening task follows a two-part approach. Students first practice global listening for gist and general understanding of the topic. Students then practice discrete listening by completing comprehension tasks focused on details from the audio samples. Each unit ends with a ten-question quiz that practices common listening tasks found on standardized listening tests.
Thematically Organized Topics

• Help learners focus on subject-specific content and language
Directed Lesson Procedure

• Guides learners to develop their listening skills by targeting different purposes for listening, i.e. global comprehension versus noting details

• Follow selected episodes from a fictional student-produced podcast dealing with topics of interest to school-age learners at each level of the series

• Provide additional context to keep listeners engaged throughout the informative talks
Listening Quizzes

• Consolidate learning at the end of each unit