Each unit in the Easy Fun Reading series includes eight parts.
New Words – Lists key vocabulary along with illustrations that provide visual definitions for the words. An audio recording of the words is provided on the CD.
Word Watch – Presents a quick seek-and-find word recognition activity to focus students on high-frequency words found in the passage.
Reading – Presents a simple, fun original passage using grammar structures and vocabulary easy for beginner students. A fun reading and a teacher’s reading of each passage is provided on the CD.
Check It – Includes two to three reading comprehension questions related to the unit’s reading passage.
Learn It – Reinforces the unit’s target vocabulary through visual recognition and written practice.
Say It – Practices speaking and reading comprehension while reinforcing key sentence structures. Here, students match written information with images selected to review the unit’s new words.
Know It – Practices listening comprehension by having students match aural information with images selected to review the unit’s target vocabulary and key concepts.
Workbook – Provides extra vocabulary reinforcement, reading fluency drills, and basic writing practice that can be completed as homework.
In addition, two review units provide students with activities and games to reinforce vocabulary acquisition and retention.