Sample Pages
Each unit starts with the New Words section. This is an illustrated dictionary of the four vocabulary words featured in the unit. Here you can also listen to the pronunciation of each word.
Below the New Words section, we find the Word Watch. Here students focus on three high-frequency words found in the passage. This is a pre-reading activity. Before students actually read or listen to the main passage, they should scan the text for these three high-frequency words and circle them.
After completing the Word Watch, it is time to focus on the main passage. At this time, teachers are encouraged to discuss the title and main illustration with their students. The goal is for students to think about what they are going to read. Some sample questions for this unit might be:
What animals do you see?
Who is having fun?
What is this?
What color is this?
Depending on the level and confidence of students, the questions could also be made easier:
Where is the dog? Touch it.
What color is this? Is it green?
There are two audio recordings for each passage. First, there is a fun reading featuring voice actors, and then there is also a reading made by a teacher. Students should read along in their books as they listen to one or both of the tracks.
The next two pages are filled with activities. First, we have the Check It section which focuses on reading comprehension. Students should be encouraged to re-read the main passage in order to find the answers if needed.
Following the Check It section, we have Learn It. Each book in the series features a different Learn It activity, but all of these activities focus on vocabulary retention. Here we can see that students will match the pictures to the words and trace the words.
Next, is the Say It section. Students must read and say the sentences aloud while matching each sentence to the correct photograph. This is an easy and meaningful way for students to review vocabulary and grammar structure while gaining confidence speaking.
The last activity in the student book is the Know It section. Here students listen and choose the correct sentence for each photograph.
Finally, each unit features two additional pages of practice activities in the workbook. These pages can be completed as homework or as extra practice during class. As we can see here, the workbook presents vocabulary reinforcement, reading fluency, and basic writing practice in a fun and simple format.