Each unit in the Fun Reading series includes eight parts.
Warm Up – Uses a key question or discussion idea to stimulate students’ interest in the unit topic.
Words to Know – Provides a visual dictionary for the five key vocabulary words. An audio recording of the words is provided on the CD.
Find It – Asks students to scan the passage illustration in preparation for reading the story. While scanning, students should notice other details to support comprehension of the story's content.
Reading – Presents an easy, fun passage using grammar structures and vocabulary designed to progressively build students' reading fluency and comprehension skills across the series. An audio recording of each passage is provided on the CD.
After Reading: A – Includes three comprehension questions related to the unit’s reading passage.
After Reading: B – Reinforces the unit’s target vocabulary through a summary-based activity. These activities might appear as blank-filling exercises, mind maps and charts, or word-choice activities.
Practice It: A – Provides a simple photo-based listening task that recycles the unit's target vocabulary.
Practice It: B – Extends comprehension of the target vocabulary through usage of the words in a variety of activity types the explore contexts beyond the unit's topic.
Workbook – Provides extra vocabulary reinforcement, reading fluency drills, and basic writing practice that can be completed as homework.
In addition, two review units provide students with activities and games to reinforce vocabulary acquisition and retention.