Fast Track is a three-level series designed for young-adult and adult learners of English who have had some exposure to English but need review practice and fluency development to become better communicators. Each thematically-organized unit in the series integrates functional language models with skill-based activities. Lessons guide students from speaking together using structured dialogs to engaging in more flexible conversations using theme-based sets of questions. Informative readings on topics provide springboards for additional engaging in-class discussions.
A multi-skill approach to developing communicative skills while strengthening accuracy and fluency skills of learners
Authentic, conversational dialogs that model language variations to enrich comprehension and production skills
Interactive and communicative tasks to engage learners while challenging them to stretch their skills
Model responses to support student completion of all productive speaking and writing tasks
Fundamental grammar points linked to each unit’s listening and reading samples
Audio recordings with linked tasks for listening comprehension, modeling pronunciation, and developing fluency
Pair-work question sets allow for fun and flexible conversation practice
The Titles of the Series