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Seed Learning Inc. has been related with internationally-known scholars and professors as consultants and writers for many decades

Paul Nation

4000 Essential English Words (Compass Publishing, 2009)
Reading for Speed and Fluency (Compass Publishing, 2007)
Learning Vocabulary in Another Language (Cambridge University Press, 2001)
New Ways in Teaching Vocabulary (TESOL, 1994)

Ken Methold

Former President of Australian Writers’ Association
Writer of various titles with over 200 million copies sold
Reading Success series
Compass Classic Readers

Rob Waring

Renowned expert on Extensive Reading and vocabulary acquisition
Writer of dozens of academic articles on extensive reading
Hundreds of presentations on extensive reading
Executive Board of the Extensive Reading Foundation
Executive Board of the Korean English Extensive Reading Association
Author or series editor of three series of graded readers

David Paul

University of Cambridge
ETJ: Founder of English Teachers in Japan
Communicate (Compass Publishing 2012)
New Finding Out Communication Strategies
Teaching English to Children in Asia

Wendy Pye

Wendy Pye Publishing Ltd.

Casey Malarcher

Very Easy Reading series
Reading Lamp series
Reading Table series
Reading Shelf series
Reading Advantage
Reading Discovery
Reading Challenge
Reading for Speed and Fluency
Kids Classic Readers

Liana Robinson
Editor and writer

Sounds Fun!
Easy English Grammar
Writing Starter
English Chest
Guided Writing
Write On
Speaking Time
Speaking Tutor
Writing for Fun!
Active English Grammar
Listening Starter
CORE Nonfiction Reading
Listening Drive

Andrea Janzen
Editor and writer

Author of:
Reading Discovery 1-3
Reading Challenge 1-3 (2nd ed.)
Listening Starter 3
Reading Builder 1-3
Super Easy Reading 1-3
Real Easy Reading 1-3
Reading Challenge 2, 3
Reading for the Real World 1
Step By Step TOEIC Bridge—Listening 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B
Step By Step TOEIC Bridge—Grammar 1A, 1B, 2A
Step By Step TOEIC Bridge—Reading 1A
Campus Connections I (2nd ed.)

Contributing writer to:
Nonfiction Reading Power 1-2
Sounds Great Readers 1-6
Reading Challenge 1
Reading for the Real World 2-3

Anne Taylor
Editor and writer

Communicative English 1 & 2
Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test
Essential TOEIC Grammar
Listening Starter 1 & 2, 1st edition
Reading for the Real World
Sounds Great 1-5
Very Easy Reading 1-4, 3rd Edition
Very Easy TOEIC, 1st edition
Target TOEIC, 2nd edition
TOEIC Analyst, 2nd edition

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