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Pass OBT provides iBT TOEFL® practice tests and a customizable iBT test platform. The iBT TOEFL test section contains seven practice tests developed from Delta’s Key to the TOEFL iBT textbook and ten extra practice tests developed specifically for Seed Learning. All Pass OBT practice materials closely model the contents of ETS TOEFL® tests and can be used in a number of ways; as primary or supplemental materials in a TOEFL preparation course or as a resource for independent study or language laboratories.


The Pass OBT platform is designed to model as accurately as possible actual tests administered as ETS TOEFL® iBT exams.
-Downloadable resources & real time tests via Internet
-Supported on IE(Internet Explore), Chrome, and Firefox


-All Pass OBT materials written by qualified TOEFL writers and teachers
-Similar contents and format to actual ETS TOEFL® iBT exams
-Speaking and writing section responses of test-takers analyzed by professional examiners

Additional Services (Expandability)

-TOEFL TOELC IELTS tests available
-Customized tests—Level Tests / Achievement Tests—available
-Customized websites for schools or programs also available

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