Teacher Training

We provide high-quality on/offline teacher training courses for ESL/EFL teachers. All courses are crafted to meet the specific needs of individual teachers. Teachers of all English-teaching experience levels will benefit through Seed Learning’s on/offline Teacher Training Courses.

Seminars are regularly offered for teachers using our products, and in addition, teachers can have access to lectures by internationally renowned professors and writers such as Paul Nation, Rob Waring, Casey Malarcher, and others.

Course List

▼ Teacher Training

- Sunshine Reading Club
- Kids Classic Readers
- Phonics

▼ Teacher Development

- Conferences
- Continuing professional development
- Research
- Seminars

▼ Teaching Resources

- Activities
- Lesson plans
- Tips
- Teachers’ guides
- LMS / Reports / Flashcards / Level Tests / Achievement Tests


▼ Community

- Sunshine Reading Club Members
- Seed Online Community
- Blog/ Facebook
- Global Teachers Network  


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