Reading for the Academic World is a three-book series designed for students who are seeking to develop their academic reading skills with particular focus on passages incorporating vocabulary items from the Academic Word List. By employing informative texts from various academic fields including history, natural science, literature, social issue, psychology, business, linguistics, and more, this series exposes students to a wide range of vocabulary and structures typically encountered in written academic discourse while targeting the study of more than 500 words featured in the Academic Word List. All passages in the series are supported with activities to practice comprehension of input, refinement of output, fluency with current skills, and language-focused learning strategies.
Each unit of Reading for the Academic World contains the following sections and features:
Pre-reading Questions

Three questions are provided here to guide students in thinking about personal experiences or opinions directly related to the unit’s content.
Vocabulary Preview

Each passage in the series highlights twelve target items from the Academic Word List. Short definitions help prepare students for the word’s particular usage within the context of the unit’s reading passage.
Topic at a Glance

A short paragraph introduces the topic of the passage to students.

All passages are written in an academic style and range in length over the series from 600 words to 800 words.

Lower-frequency vocabulary items are defined in footnotes to support comprehension and facilitate additional vocabulary development.
Reading Comprehension

All units include a set of reading comprehension questions to check that students understand key points of the unit’s reading passage.
Paraphrasing Practice

Two paraphrases based on sentences that appear in the reading passage model re-wording techniques students can utilize in their own academic writing.
Language Focus

A grammatical structure used in the passage is highlighted for students to review. A short exercise provides additional practice with the target structure.
Vocabulary Extension

A variety of vocabulary development activities across the series help students practice a range of strategies for learning of and about new words.
Vocabulary Reinforcement

The unit’s target words are reviewed in a new context within a paragraph written on a topic related to the unit’s reading passage.
Vocabulary Reinforcement

The last activity in each unit examines how some of the unit’s target words commonly appear in collocations.