The new TOEIC® study series from Seed Learning is a three-level series designed to assist students in achieving their TOEIC® goals. The series provides thorough test preparation and extensive practice of TOEIC®-style questions. This practical series is aimed at students at different stages of their TOEIC® preparation.
Building TOEIC® Skills is for students aiming at a score of between 450 and 550 points. (14 units)
Developing TOEIC® Skills is for students whose target score is between 650 and 750. (12 units)
Mastering TOEIC® Skills is aimed at students who are working toward a score of 850-990. (12 units)
Each unit provides information and strategies for question types commonly found on the TOEIC®. The book provides reflects recent changes to the format of the TOEIC®.
The language and materials presented in this series become progressively more challenging, in order to meet the needs of students at different stages in their test study.
Completing TOEIC® Skills: Five Practice Tests is a set of five full-length TOEIC® style tests intended for students who wish to practice their listening and reading skills in preparation for the TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test. The book is ideal for test takers of all levels and provides extensive practice in answering TOEIC® style questions. By using the five tests in this book, test takers will gain exposure to the kinds of questions they will encounter on the actual test.
Five Practice Tests can be used in several ways:
   - As the primary and secondary text in a TOEIC® preparation course
   - As practice for taking the TOEIC® test-taking skills
   - As a self-study guide for the TOEIC® Tes
Five full-length TOEIC® style tests
1,000 questions in the ETS TOEIC® format and content
Transcripts for all listening questions
More than 4 hours of audio in MP3 format