Sample Pages
Each unit starts with a Vocabulary section. Here we have the Picture Dictionary. Each unit starts with a picture dictionary with images and words for students to match. In Mastering TOEIC® Skills, students will be matching complete sentences to the photos. In Words in Context, students see target words with a definition and sample sentence. Students should then think of their own sentence using the new word. Finally, in the Practice, students check their comprehension and ability to use the new words correctly. The words introduced in the vocabulary section reappear throughout the unit, and are also recycled throughout later units for further exposure.
Now we move on to the Grammar Focus pages. Students are provided with useful information about the featured grammar point. They then check their understanding by doing the practice activities.
Next is the Listening Strategy section. This section provides practical tips for approaching listening questions. Information and examples are followed by a practice page. Students apply what they have learned as they complete the practice activities.
In the Reading Strategy section, information and examples for reading questions are provided. Students apply what they have learned to the practice activities.
After students have worked through the practice activities, it’s time to take the Mini-Test. All seven sections of the TOEIC® are represented in a short test which consists of TOEIC® style questions. Detailed answer keys with explanations for each mini-test are available for download.