Top Phonics is an easy to use review of the essential sounds of English, developed for young learners who are already familiar with the English alphabet. In this book, students learn to recognize and say short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, double-letter consonant sounds, and double-letter vowel sounds. Top Phonics provide a guided, step-by-step presentation of vowel and consonant combinations. Top Phonics 6 allows learners to develop their English skills in an engaging, systematic, and effective manner.
5 charming characters who appear throughout the book
Entertaining chants to provide listening and pronunciation practice
Fun stories to develop reading skills
Strategic introduction of sight words to increase reading fluency
QR codes link to online videos
8 bonus story cards
Student Books with Hybrid CDs (except Top Phonics 6)
- Top Phonics 1 Single-Letter Sounds
- Top Phonics 2 Short Vowel Sounds
- Top Phonics 3 Long Vowel Sounds
- Top Phonics 4 Double-Letter Consonant Sounds
- Top Phonics 5 Double-Letter Vowel Sounds
- Top Phonics 6 Review of All Sounds (with MP3 CD)
Workbooks 1-6