Seed Learning’s World History Readers is a new nonfiction series from world history. There are stories about Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci, Genghis Khan, the French Revolution, the Birth of the USA, and much more. There are exciting stories about historical people and events which shaped our world then, and still do today.
Provide informative and engaging accounts of historical figures and events
Allow learners to develop their reading fluency through extensive reading practice
Present strictly controlled vocabulary over the graded levels of the series
Include comprehension questions in each reader to encourage learner accountability
Explain subject-specific terms related to the readers' topic
The series includes 60 books at 6 levels of difficulty ranging from 800 to 2500 headwords and has been developed specifically for younger learners and early teens.
Rob Waring Ph. D.
Seed Learning’s World History Readers develops critical skills while giving students an opportunity to experience and reflect on key historical events, people, and places. With this series, students learn and understand how past world events affect people today.
Casey Malarcher Ph. D.
The World History Readers series was designed to serve a dual purpose. One purpose of the series was to provide interesting and instructive materials for extensive reading practice. A second, and equally important, purpose of the series was to create a library of general knowledge accessible to young learners. As readers explore this library, they will expand their real-world knowledge of historical events that are important for students worldwide to learn.